Don't Suffer Alone

Listen now as BAN's Leader, Anne Bercht, explains what BAN is, and what you can expect at a BAN support group meeting

Get the Support You Deserve

Beyond Affairs Network (BAN) is a grass roots organization made up of local support groups for people who are dealing with the devastating impact of a spouse's affair.

Email us: [email protected]

BAN is for:

  • People who are dealing with a spouse's affair
  • Both women and men who have been betrayed
  • People who are either still married or divorced
  • Those interested in attending meetings

BAN is NOT for:

  • Those who have had an affair themselves (no spouses)
  • Counselors (unless personally dealing with their spouse's affiar)
  • BAN groups are closed to the media

Please note that:

  • BAN is ONLY for meetings, NOT just email contact
  • BAN is not a replacement for counseling or other professional help


Beyond Affairs Network

BAN – Beyond Affairs Network is an all-volunteer, free, grass-roots organization. Since there are no guarantees as to the uniform motivation and commitment of those who participate, the integrity of each group is the joint responsibility of all the members.

To learn more about BAN – Beyond Affairs Network watch an interview with a Beyond Affairs Network Coordinator, click on the question that interests you below. ┬áPlease remember that BAN is for the BETRAYED SPOUSE only.