BAN Coordinators

NOTE: Only people who have dealt with a partner’s affair can be BAN Coordinators.
 BAN Coordinator Private Page (for actively serving coordinators)

Important: Please read the information on this page about being a Coordinator –
as well as the History of BANThe Need for BAN, and BAN Guidelines.

(Please be sure to check the List of Cities to see whether your city is already listed.)

1. The Role of the Coordinator: 

  • To be the contact person for those in your local community who want to attend the Local BAN Chapter meetings. (ONLY for spouses of those who have had affairs.) 
  • To find a location for meetings and e-mail announcements of the time and place.
    (Since people may be reluctant to attend a meeting at a private residence, it is important to have meetings in a public location. Many places, such as local hospitals, senior centers, or churches allow meetings that are open to the public to take place at no cost.) 
  • To determine, with input by other members, how to cover any expenses:
    (It is reasonable to request contributions from those present at each meeting.) 
  • To “facilitate” – not “lead” – the meetings.
    (The Coordinator is there to participate as a full member, not just to help others. It’s their responsibility to share their feelings and experiences just as others do. It’s important that there are no experts and no leaders, so that each person is an equal member of the group and participates in such a way as to empower everyone present. Please refer to the BAN Guidelines regarding the tone/attitude/goal of the meetings.) 


2. Support for Coordinators through the Website:
(Local BAN Chapters are coordinated through this site.) 

  • Each Coordinator’s e-mail address will be posted (alongside the name of their city) on the List of Cities on the Website – so people can contact them about joining BAN. 
  • Each Coordinator will be given access to a special “egroup” set up just so they can easily send group e-mails to share ideas/plans/experiences with other Coordinators.
  • Coordinators will also be given access to a special “BAN Coordinators Private Page” on the website – that is accessible ONLY by B.A.N Coordinators. The page provides links to a lot of information, including a “Coordinators Handbook” and a dozen other items to support their effort.
    (Here is a complete list of the information that is provided for Coordinators.) 
  • Coordinators will receive my ongoing support, both through the eGroup mailings as well as contacting me individually for help in their efforts as a BAN Coordinator. 


3. To Volunteer to be a Coordinator: 

  • To volunteer to be the coordinator for a Local BAN Chapter.
    –check the List of Cities to see if there is already a group in your area
    –read all the information, start here: BAN . Then read History of BANThe Need for BAN, and BAN Guidelines. (It’s not that much … and becoming a BAN coordinator can help you in your own healing.)


Note: While BAN is not open to therapists/counselors as observers or “experts,”
any professional who has personally experienced a spouse’s affair
is welcome to attend as a member or to volunteer as a Coordinator.)

BAN is NOT open to members of the media.